ATL Exalted

Voyage Home

The Circle leaves the Undercity bloodied and bruised, but very indignant that Rose got away with a set of Essence cannons. Once back above ground, Mako sends a score of trusted sailors to pack and move the goods they discovered onto his ship. The Dragon Blooded they captured is thrown onto the ship under lock and key. The Crashing Wave was easily found in dock, and their crew looked like they were getting underway to sail soon. After some debate, it was decided to sabotage their rudder to slow their ship and allows a sea boarding to inspect their cargo.

Both ships set sail and Lady Quicksilver caught up a week later with the Crashing Wave. In that week Grepthar had removed the Implosion Bow and mounted it to their ship in case of boarding action. The Wave’s captain and crew were armed for combat, but Mako requested only to look at their cargo. Through Mako’s charm, the captain of the Wave begrudgingly agreed. Down in the hold, Mako and Ursa found three large crates, sealed and unmarked. The ship captain didn’t know what was in them, he was only paid to deliver them. Mako opened all three crates and found two will junk, but the third had a bloated body with tubes and liquid bottles tied into it. Sounds of bubbling and gurgling could be heard from the body. They get a plank placed and lift the crate, no resealed, and start carrying it out. Unfortunately they accidentally dropped the box back into the hold where the body inside explodes and releases a black sludge that quickly dissolved all it touches. The Crashing Wave received severe damage to its hull and began sinking. The captain cursed at them but refused Mako’s offer to come to his ship. The Wave dropped longboats and most sailors abandoned ship, a few were rescued by Mako.

Escaping from Rose’s trap, the Circle returns to the North and the Palace of Shaping Air. They install the 3 hearthstones and bring the factory to full power. The Director informs them he will need time for repairs if the Zephyr is to be completed well. He is given the go ahead after first producing a communications orb and an artifact gun for Mako. Using one of the hearthstones, the factors is shielded and illusioned. So it will take about 6 months to get up to speed and finish the airship.

In the meantime, the Immaculate order has visited Bear town but left without much problems it seems. However weeks later the head of said monk is delivered with a note from Rose that she took care of the problem for them. In Whitewall the body of the monk was found nailed to the city walls. The Syndics warn Ursa they will not be able to help in this matter as they are neutral in Realm affairs. Mako quickly distances himself from Ursa in hope he can affect change from the outside. The Circle now preps for a confrontation with the Realm, in what form they don’t know.



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