Lady Quicksilver

The Lady Quicksilver is Captain Mako’s principal vessel. While Mako owns a handful of smaller craft such as barges, longboats, and small sailcraft, the Quicksilver is the only ship he has capable of long distances and, most importantly, blue-water sailing. It is therefore responsible for the vast majority of his trade and business.

Ship Details

The Lady Quicksilver is a merchany trading ship, though one designed for speed and mobility more than tonnage. Mako prefers to handle small cargos and rely on speed and his market sense to make a quick profit, rather in ponderous and predictable heavy trading. It is no coincidence that these attributes also make the ship suitable for running blockades, or making a quick attack (and escape) on larger, slower vessels.

Length: 75 feet
Beam: 20 feet
Depth of hold: 10 feet
Cargo: 130 tons (A Talon and its supplies)
Propulsion: Sails – Two-mast schooner

Game Info:
Speed: 15/30 mph , Maneuverability: -4S, Armor: 6L/6B , Health Levels: Ux12/Mx6/Cx6/I/D

Crew and Complement

The Lady Quicksilver is an efficient ship, and in good weather could be run with as few as six able crewmen. Mako prefers to keep the ship with more than a full complement of men, and so in usual conditions there are between 40 and 50 men on board; this allows for three full crews of men to rotate shifts and keep the crew happy and rested, and a few extra hands to cover injuries, dissertions, and other unexpected events.

The crew of the Quicksilver are not merely hired hands; every one of them is a loyal follower of the Captain. Mako tries to replace lost crew with experienced men from his other ventures and holding, and never brings on more than a handful of new hires at any time, to ensure there is no risk of rebellion or mutiny from a strange crew.

Mako prefers to rule through respect and admiration than fear, and makes a point to listen to the concerns of the crew (usually delivered by the Quartermaster or Bosun). After a year of service on the ship, crewmen are offered the chance to buy a ‘share’ in the ship. While this does increase their share of any profits and prizes, it also requires an oath of loyalty to the Ship, Captain, and Crew (in that order). After making their oath, Shareholders carve their name into a piece of scrimshaw or coral, and cast it from the stern of the ship before taking a new, ship name. These are traditionally the names of sea creatures or other nautical references.

Commander Sharpnose

Mako’s second-in-command, Sharpnose is a dour, hatchet-faced man who looks about the same age as the Captain (and is actually almost ten years older). Sharpnose has served aboard the Quicksilver as long as Mako has Captained it, and it said the Commander and Captain had sailed toegether even before then. Mako has complete faith in Sharpnose, and will entrust him with the care of the ship and crew on those occasions he leaves it.

Sharpnose is one of the few people who know that Mako is more than human, although the matter is never discussed between them.

Quartermaster Hammerhead

The Quartermaster is a broad-shouldered man, distinguished by his nose having been smashed almost flat to his face. When in dock, Hammerhead is in charge of the gangway and deck, as well as the details of repairs and supply. At sea, he serves as an assistant navigator to the Captain, and administers punishments and discipline when required. By tradition, the Quartermaster also leads any boarding actions during an engagement.

Perhaps most importantly, the Quartermaster controls the ship’s essential stores – such as the daily ration of rum.

Mr. Sicklefin

The ship’s bosun is known as Sicklefin, perhaps due to the crescent-moon scar that marks his face. The bosun is charged with the important, if unexciting, tasks of assigning duties and schedules to the crew, and ensuring that the ship’s cargo and passengers are safely loaded, stowed, and delivered. Due to the unconventional nature of some of Mako’s cargo, Sicklefin is accustomed to having to load, stow, and conceal any manner of oddity. A diligent but unimaginative man, Sicklefin is occasionally charged with simple tasks that require care and discretion.

Lady Quicksilver

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